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Graphic Design

Our design team have a combined practice in graphic design of over 50 years – so we know what we’re doing. Through different teachings, we have acquired a broad set of transferable skills which are tested daily, creating the appropriate graphic design solution. This means, our customers know the design work they receive from CreatePrint will be industry standard putting them in good stead to compete and surpass competitors. Besides our experience, all our design prices are competitive and reasonable.

We firstly ensure that we’ve gained a clear knowledge and understanding of your specific business or marketing objectives as a foundation or starting point for the work we’ll be producing. We’re also very helpful if you’re not too sure what you need too.

The Team

Our creative team

How it is work?

Supply your own artwork

We are more than happy to print from your design. Please use a suitable template from our template section to ensure we can send your design straight to print. We need artwork to be saved as a high resolution PDF with 3mm bleed.

Need help with your artwork

Don’t worry if you’re struggling with finalising your design. We can assist in getting your artwork up to scratch – this could be neatening it up, adding bleed and making it the right size. Ask a member of our team today to see how we can help.

Let us design for you

Design is one of our most popular services. We have an abundance of experience in designing all of our products, from leaflets to banners and so much more. All our designs are bespoke and created with your ideas and branding in mind.